Designed to last

Réparable Easy to repair
Easy access to technical parts
Évolutive Modular
Modular frame
Ouverte Open
Open-source firmware
Personnalisable Customizable
Customizable front panel

An online platform entirely dedicated to the maintenance and self-repairing.

L'Increavable washing machine has been designed to be easily repaired by a profesional or by yourself.
To help maintain your machine we give you all the tools you need through a clear and accessible online platform.


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"L'Increvable give an alternative to the drift of planned obsolescence."

Julien Phedyaeff


Supported and accelerated by

  ESSEC Antropia 3D Experience Lab 3DS Label Observeur du Design 2015 Prix Pepite Green Tech Verte Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la Mer BPI France Cisco SenseCube